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Themeforrest SOFARider – Blog-Portfolio hybrid

miercuri, august 5th, 2009

  Sofa Rider is another blog/portfolio hybrid theme but this one brings some really cool features. Beside clean and sleek design (& layout ), intuitive navigation system, ease of use, theres a brand new system of building a sidebar content called Plugger system. Its much more flexible than widgets and does enable user to easily [...]

YourFolio Themeforrest WordPress Theme

miercuri, august 5th, 2009

    A WordPress portfolio theme designed to be used as a personal online portfolio as well as personal blog. This theme has 5 different stylesheets to choose from, allowing the user different color and font options. The homepage is a dynamic mashup of your recent blog posts as well as your recent portfolio work. [...]


miercuri, august 5th, 2009

    New and Imporved Quinta Major changes have been made since the last update. The whole javascript front-end has been revamped. Quinta now uses jQuery that allows dynamic client-side features to be more fluid and user-friendly while also being non-obtrusive and clean at the backend. The PHP backend has also been simplified to make [...]


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